Why writing life stories matters

Great grandparents in Canada

This photo was taken in 1911 in Canada and shows my Great Grandparents with their two sons, on the left, my Great Uncle Howard, and on the right, my Grandfather Arnold. Without writing my mother’s life story, this photo would have languished with many other photographs in shoe boxes, and our family history would have remained unwritten.

The story behind this photo is equally fascinating. My Great Grandfather had made money selling bread in Warrington in the UK. Unfortunately he was an alcoholic and ran up debts. So, he bought tickets for everyone to sail to Canada. Rumour has it that he was chased on to the ship by his creditors, and just made it aboard on time. Unfortunately he didn’t fare any better in Montreal so our family “dough” was long gone.

Do you have family members about whom you are curious? Do you know your parents’ and grandparents’ life stories? Our ancestors lived in such different times to us, and even further removed from our kids, who cannot imagine life without technology.

My mom passed away recently at the age of 90. I am so grateful that I got to write her life story. It is her legacy to our family. She lived an extraordinary life and you can read it in www.memorablelives.ca

Make the most of our enforced time at home and start a conversation. We can send you some ideas to get you going. Life stories really matter to all of us.

Sue Foster

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